Build it and they will come

The benefits and role of a Media “Room” in a solid Public Relations program.

A media room – a.k.a. a News Bureau, information or press center – is a very effective way to build relationships with members of the media and engage third-party groups.


If online only, it can feature:

  • Press releases
  • Background info (fact sheets, bios, backgrounders or white papers)
  • Pictures and videos
  • Information on spokespersons
  • Story starters and other resources


If onsite (at an event), it can feature:

  • Press briefings or interviews with experts or “talent”/performers
  • Office amenities
  • A deep breadth of background information (in written form as well as through a variety of experts/ PR persons)


A media room says a lot. It says you’re committed to media, you value them and that you intend to be open, communicative and a strong voice for your industry, faith community or organization.


If you stick to this, expect impressive benefits including coverage opportunities, greater balance in stories, and new opportunities in the realm of social media and stakeholder endorsement/relations.


In all cases, be prepared to do a lot of listening, offer quality resources and spokespersons who are available and prepared.


Go ahead — build it!



Media briefing - Religious persecution

Knights of Columbus-sponsored Mercy Centre at World Youth Day Krakow (2016).

Andrew Walther, vice president communications and strategic planning, speaks to CBC at 2016 Supreme Convention in Toronto, Canada.

Interviews with CBC at the 134th Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention


A Media Help Desk at Honda Indy Toronto with welcoming staff and volunteers.