Dialogue and Grace, a division of Torchia Communications, is a team of consultants devoted to helping the Catholic Church and its members improve their programs, campaigns and competencies in the areas of Public Relations and Organizational Communications.

We are convinced that building bridges of dialogue between faith-based organizations and internal and external publics greatly benefits both organizations and the public, driven by a spirit of serving the common good.

Our name incorporates the word ‘dialogue’ as this is the basis of true symmetrical communication in PR theory and ‘Grace’ as one of the most familiar expressions for God’s love for humanity. Dialogue and Grace counts on a team of consultants to build entire Public Relations plans, from scratch, or to jump in to help enhance existing efforts – from a planning and strategy perspective or with hands-on technical services.

Public Relations can help your organization sow the seeds of communication for the long haul. Please contact us to learn more or to discuss your opportunity or need.