In many ways, the PR person is the scribe of the modern-day organization (only we’re more likely to debate matters with our funders/patrons/clients in a healthy manner – and not risk our lives doing so!). Public Relations has the mandate of ‘chronicling’ the major developments in the life of an

…for the astute, bold, trained and empowered organization Unexpectedly, you’re jolted off your normal morning routine by the realization that your organization is “in the news” for the wrong reasons or in the wrong context. Your reputation is now under fire or at least scrutiny in the public realm. But

The documentary World Youth Day Krakow: A Pilgrimage of Mercy opens with a quote from St. Pope John Paul II: “Remember that you are never alone. Christ is with you on your journey every day of your lives.”   It’s a quote that embodies the mission of World Youth Day:

At a critical juncture in my life I milked a cow and it changed my life. At the very least it greatly enhanced it. I was 21 and clueless about nature, the beauty and grandeur of God’s creation and likely quite self-absorbed. I had grown up in the very urban island of

The Official Catholic Directory, the authoritative source for all things Catholic in the United States, is marking quite a milestone this year — celebrating 200 years of publishing. “Dialogue and Grace is delighted to partner with the Directory’s new ownership to share the news of the many exciting developments underway,”