Episode #2 – Shock Advertising The concept of shock advertising is as simple as it gets: impress on people some kind of novel visual, story or concept that etches a memory that is hard to forget. It’s meant to deliberately startle or offend viewers by violating social norms and personal

Early on in my education I heard about the rule of seven – a simple heuristic claiming that before any marketing or educational message can be remembered, it must be seen or heard approximately seven times. Simple and highly memorable, it’s a principle that has remained with me throughout my

La Prière du Père Maurice Zundel « Seigneur, dans le silence de ce jour naissant » : « Seigneur, dans le silence de ce jour naissant, je viens Te demander la paix, la sagesse, la force. Je veux regarder aujourd’hui le monde avec des yeux tout remplis d’amour, être patient, compréhensif, doux et sage.

You’re loved… When Emmanuel was born, more than nine years ago, I began rather instinctively, but clumsily, saying, “you’re loved”, before he’d fall asleep. I’ve continued that tradition with my other children, saying those same words to them during our bedtime routine. It still feels a little strange. I mean